Manchester Velodrome


Kendal Cycle Club Trip to Manchester Velodrome

Location: HSBC UK National Cycling Centre Stuart Street Manchester M11 4DQ
Date: Saturday 19th January 2019
Time: 8 pm until 10 pm
Cost: £17.00 for approximately 1 hour on the Velodrome (includes Track hire, track bike, a training coach & helmet – if needed)
Availability: 32 people

Kendal Cycle Club has booked a 2 hour slot at Manchester Velodrome. Taster track sessions allows for 16 cyclists on the track. The Club has 32 places available which will split into two groups of 16 and the groups will rotate every 15 minutes. Everyone will get an hour on the track.

We anticipate that this event will oversubscribe so if you do want to attend then please book asap.

If you've never cycled on a velodrome then this is an excellent opportunity to do it with friends and other club members. Thanks to Kath Finn for making the booking.

In order to ride on a track bike, you will need shoes with Look Keo cleats. If you don't have Look Keo cleats then shoes can be hired for £5.40 from the centre on the day.

Don't forget to bring a helmet and water bottles.

Members may want to arrange transportation and/or a meal prior to the session at the velodrome. This can be organised through the closed Facebook page.

Here's further information on:
Taster Sessions
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